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Organic product


Produced in Spain


Free from additives


Suitable for vegans


Gluten free

Wiederverwendbare Verpackung

Reusable packaging

  • 100 Sachets of organic shelled pistachios in dispenser. 3,5 Kg.

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  • Pack of 10 boxes of organic pistachios. 1 Kg.

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  • Pack of 16 sachets of organic pistachios

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  • Pack of 32 sachets of organic pistachios. 1,12 Kg.

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  • Pack of 6 boxes of organic pistachios

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  • Pack of 64 sachets of shelled organic pistachios. 2,24 Kg.

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Pistachios Roasted without Salted‎ 4 100% organic PISTACHIOS GROWN IN SPAIN


The pistachios from Pistamed are grown in an area that is well-known for its favorable climate, in the south-east region of the Iberian Peninsula, in Spain. The combination of a semi-arid and Mediterranean climate provides high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter, and these climate characteristics result in a particularly high-quality product.

The varieties of pistachios grown by PISTAMED are harvested at their optimum maturity point, thus guaranteeing a product of the highest quality.


The box format for Pistamed pistachios was designed to optimize space and to make the packaging as efficient as possible.

The packaging is user-friendly and designed so that the product can be enjoyed anywhere, and also so that the consumer can put the leftover shells in the same box, without having to find somewhere else to put them.

The packaging is divided into two parts: a reusable box and a colorful movable divider inside the box, which enables the user to visually separate the pistachios and the empty shells.



Each bag holds 35 grams of pistachios, the recommended daily portion size. The bags are designed so you can enjoy the pistachios wherever and whenever you like. Eat them anywhere and at any time, and the properties of the pistachios will always be kept intact.

So they can be eaten on a daily basis, one portion for each day of the week, the product is available in boxes of 16 bags, boxes of 32 bags or dispenser boxes of 100 bags for domestic or commercial use.


Pistamed takes great care when growing and harvesting its pistachios, to obtain pistachios that are fully organic and free from pesticides, additives and preservatives, while also maintaining the perfect flavor and texture. This enables us to guarantee a product of the highest quality while also preserving all of its nutritional properties.

At Pistamed, we have extensive experience and expertise in the agricultural sector, which helps us to produce fully organic pistachios hand-roasted at low temperatures and carefully handled throughout the entire production process, from planting to packaging.