Official Sponsor of Africa Burillo


Pistamed becomes a sponsor of the young tennis player Africa Burillo. The athlete, originally from Alicante, has managed in recent years to become the revelation of the women’s , finishing number one in the national ranking.

Africa Burillo Berezak (05/02/2007), born in Alicante, started playing tennis when she was 3 years old.  At the age of 6, tennis became her passion and took part of the Tennis Competition School at the Montemar Athletic Club of Alicante, training 5 days a week with excellent discipline, routine and enthusiasm. At the young age of 9 he participated in her first international tournament in Brussels and when she was 10 years old she was already competing in the international “Smrikva Bowl” tournament in Croatia for young promises.


The 2018 season marked a turning point for this tennis player, being number one in the national ranking in the juvenile category of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation. During the current year she has become champion of the Valencian Community and has won important victories becoming champion of the titles of the Rafael Nadal National Circuit in its editions of Valencia, Alicante and Bilbao.

She became finalist of the international Tennis Europe tournament, held in Belgium during the summer and continues number 1 in the Spanish national ranking of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

Africa Burillo patrocinada de PIstamed

PISTAMED joined the young tennis player, in his commitment to support youth talent. The company supports from the beginning the tennis player, who perfectly represents values ​​such as overcoming, commitment and perseverance through sport. This joint collaboration makes visible the union of PISTAMED, a family business with a great track record in agricultural exploitation with Africa, a young promise in women’s sports. The values ​​such as perseverance, effort and illusion are complemented by her freshness.

For the first time, the fruit and vegetable company decides to carry out a sports sponsorship. In this way, a close link with the sporting competition of greater provincial and national relevance is achieved, fitting with the work values ​​promoted by PISTAMED since its beginning. One of the main objectives o is to promote the world of sport and its values, enhancing the effort and the spirit of self-improvement.


Africa Murllo Patrocinada PISTAMED



  • Champion in V TENNIS TOURNAMENT «Reina» – MÚRCIA (Country Club). Against Isabel Ruíz Godinez (4-2 4-0). 12/26/2017
  • Third POSITION in TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour 2017 – MANACÓR. U 11 Rafael Nadal Academy. 12/11/2017
  • Champion in the MASTERS “4 Surfaces” – ALMERÍA. Against Beatriz Valdes Flores (4-0 4-0). 10/22/2017
  • Champion in the “4 Surfaces” TENNIS TOURNAMENT – ALBOX. Against Marta Morales (4-0 / 4-0). 09/04/17
  • Champion in the WARRIORS «Youth Tennis Week» – MADRID. Against Carla Gonzalez Martínez (6-4 6-2). 01/02/2017
  • Champion in the TTK WARRIORS TOUR 2017 – SEGOVIA. Against Cristina Jañez (6-0 6-3). 08/04/2017
  • Champion in the TTK WARRIORS TOUR 2017 – GIJÓN. Against Eugenia Menéndez Zozaya (6-3 0-6 10-6). 05/01/2017
  • Champion in the TTK WARRIORS TOUR 2017 – ALICANTE. Against Pilar Galvez Sanchez (6-2 7-5). 04/10/2017Champion in the TTK WARRIORS TOUR 2017 – MADRID (UCJC). Against Pilar Galvez Sanchez (6-2 6-3). 03/19/2017


  • Champion in ROUND ROBIN UPT 4 – BENIDORM (IQL Sport). 02/04/2018
  • Champion in ROUND ROBIN UPT 3 – BENIDORM (IQL Sport). 01/28/2018
  • Champion in VI ANTIU-XIXONA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT – ALICANTE. Against Ana Botella (4-0 4-0). 12/31/17
  • Champion in EXPRESS CLUB DE CAMPO TOURNAMENT – ALICANTE. Against Sofia Sandoval (6-3 2-6 10-6). 09/26/2017
  • Champion in the UPT – ALICANTE TOURNAMENT (Montemar) (Category: youth). Against Sofia Sandoval (6-1 / 6-3). 09/16/17Runner-up of the XXIII SPORTCLUB TENNIS NATIONAL TOURNAMENT – ALICANTE. Against Marta Vinaler (7-6 / 6-3). 08-10-2017
  • Champion in the UPT – BENIDORM TOURNAMENT (Central Track) (Category: youth). Against Alba Fernández (6-2 / 6-6-0). 06/11/17
  • Champion in IV TOURNAMENT IVAN NAVARRO – ALICANTE (Montemar). Against María Semper Domenech (4-0 4-0). 01/09/17Champion in VI MASTER «Alicante Tennis Circuit». Against Nebret Fernandez Vergara (4-0-4-0). 12/18/2016
  • Champion of the VII NATIONAL TOURNAMENT «ARENA» -. Against Alina Korneeva (4-1 / 4-1). 06/25/16
  • Champion of the XVII NATIONAL TOURNAMENT C.T. ALICANT – ALICANTE. Against Nuria Martinez (5-3 / 4-1). 06/04/16
  • Runner-up of the MEDITERRANEAN CIRCUIT for 2016
  • Champion in the CLUB DE CAMPO ALMAJADA – ALICANTE TOURNAMENT. Against María Devesa (4-0 / 4-0)
Official Sponsor of Africa Burillo 1