About pistamed


Pistamed is a new brand of pistachios from a family company with a long history in the agricultural industry, and has been in operation in the south-east of Spain for the past 20 years, always paying great attention to its farming methods.

The profound expertise that we’ve accumulated over the years, as well as the various production and harvesting techniques that we’ve developed, have helped us to produce and bring to market an excellent Spanish pistachio product grown in the Mediterranean region, as well as enabling us to offer a wide range of other products.

Our technical team are also fully qualified to guarantee the safety and quality of our pistachios, and they also have extensive experience in R&D.


Quality: We guarantee a product that retains all its nutritional properties.

Freshness: We are at the forefront of the latest consumer trends.

Innovation: We are constantly improving our cultivation and agricultural production methods to produce the highest quality pistachios.

Distinction: Our product stands out from the crowd due to our innovative techniques that give us an edge over our competitors, enabling us to offer packaging in practical and original formats for the end consumer.

Sustainability: We are committed to protecting the environment through our cultivation and packaging processes.

Pistachios from Spain Pistamed



At Pistamed, we are constantly investing to improve our facilities and machinery in order to increase efficiency, productivity and the quality of the end product. We go to great lengths to improve the work tools that we use to produce all our products, from the cultivation process to the final packaging.

It has not always been easy to ensure that all departments run smoothly in a company with such a long history in the agricultural industry. To achieve this we have had to make countless improvements and updates to our facilities, adapting new machinery and the latest technology to our agricultural processes that have been in place for decades so we can achieve production that is fully organic, as certified by the European seal.

At Pistamed, we currently have 600 hectares of land where we grow the best varieties of pistachio recommended for daily consumption. We always use land with a predominantly Mediterranean climate and operate in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of sustainable and organic farming certified by ES-ECO-024-MU CAERM.

Our production facilities are based in the north-west of Murcia and the areas surrounding Alicante, and they are open to any members of the public who’d like to visit, learn more about the products’ origins and ask any questions they may have about how we process our main product: Mediterranean pistachios, produced in Spain. Every single process involved in the production of Pistamed pistachios takes place in Spain; they are grown, harvested and packaged in Spain, then sold throughout Europe.

Pistachios land from Spain